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The Foo Fighters

Welcome To The Best Foo fighters Page Ever

On this great page you can read out about the Foo Fighters, vote for your favourite album and singles, chat to other fans, find out news and other information or just have a look around.

The Foo Fighters started when Dave Grohl set up a band after leaving Nirvana when Kurt Kobain commited suicide. The first album he wrote was The Foo Fighters, then The Colour And The Shape and most recently There Is Nothing Left To Lose.
The Foo Fighters at the moment are Dave Grohl[vocals and guitar], Taylor Hawkins[drums] and Nate Mendel[bass]. Their first album was released in 1995.
The Foo Fighters used to be different to they are now. They used to have William Goldsmith on drums but left while recording their second album. Also Pat Smear has being but left and Franz Stahl replaced him.
The mangeer of Foo Fighters is Gus Brandt and has been from the start. Their date of birth`s are as follows. Dave Grohl date of birth is 14/01/69, Taylor Hawkins is 02/12/69 and Nate Mendels is 02/17/72.

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